Frequently Asked Questions

- Can a family member be my mentor?
Yes and no. Parents, Legal Guardians and Siblings may NOT be mentors, although extended family members may (Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents, etc.). This is an attempt to protect you from claims of nepotism.

- Can I have more than one mentor?
Yes. Multiple mentors at the same facility can provide all appropriate contact information on a single Mentor Information Sheet. Mentors from two different places will each have to provide a separate information sheet. If a student needs to add or change mentors part way through the project, he or she should see Mrs. Fischer to obtain an additional information sheet, or can print them from the school web site.

- Can I get paid while I job-shadow?
No. Students may be able to job-shadow where they currently work if they come in for unpaid hours and if they shadow someone in a more advanced position than the one they currently hold. Proposals requesting career exploration at a place of employment will be analyzed much more stringently than others.

- Can I use my vo-tech or co-op experience for my project?
While you may certainly refer to those experiences as part of your reflection essay or to aid in your research, you may not log those hours as part of your 24-30 hour requirement. Co-op students should refer to the previous question.

- What if I get done with my project early? Can I present early?
Yes. Juniors who finish their hours in the spring will be able to do a formal presentation and submit logbooks and self-reflection essays by the end of the school year. Additional presentation days will be scheduled as the need arises. Students generally have opportunity to present on all in-service days, parent-teacher conference days and even during or right after the school day. It is the goal of the Project Coordinator to make the entire process more streamlined and student-friendly, encouraging seniors to complete tasks according to their own schedules ahead of final deadlines.

- What happens if I don't do my project?
You don't receive a diploma or get to participate in graduation procedures. There will be a summer school session for seniors who wish to make up their senior project then. ALL components of the project must be completed according to the established guidelines.

- Is there any reason to really try to get a "Highly Successful" evaluation on my work?
Personal pride and satisfaction in doing your best should be enough to motivate all students to aim toward being "Highly Successful" on the project, but the school would also like to reward and recognize those students who meet all requirements while demonstrating academic excellence. Students receiving a "Highly Successful" overall evaluation will be recognized during the presentation of senior awards and scholarships, and may receive further awards or acknowledgement as the administration and staff sees appropriate.

- What happens when work is graded "Not Yet Successful?"
All graded components must be resubmitted with corrections by the deadlines provided on the timeline. Work must be resubmitted until it receives a "Successful" evaluation. Students generally have two weeks from when "Not Yet Successful" work is re
turned to them before it is due with corrections.

- What happens if I turn in senior project assignments late?
Completing things on time is an important part of this process. Paperwork and written portions must be turned in by each deadline to be given full credit. Late paperwork, inadequate progress, etc. may result in an "Incomplete" being given for a core-class grade, such as English, Social Studies or Math, depending on which class is responsible for checking logbook progress, etc.

- I moved into the district as a senior. Do I still need to do a project?
Yes, if you have not completed a confirmed graduation project in another school. All students in PA public schools are required to do some sort of graduation/senior project, but not all schools must follow the same format or deadlines. Schools in other states often have their own graduation requirements as well. Every effort will be made to give equitable credit when it is due. Seniors new to the school may have their requirements (including deadlines) altered by the Project Coordinator depending on a variety of factors.

- I didn't complete my Research Paper in another class. Now what?
Each senior must complete a research paper. Students not taking the PSSA Prep course may be at a disadvantage when it comes time to submit a Senior Project Research Paper, but it does not change the fact that a paper must be submitted which A) has a link to the student's senior project topic and B) meets the standards of the research paper rubric. All effort will be made to assist seniors who haven't completed their paper by the start of their senior year. All research papers must be submitted prior to Christmas break. Students not receiving a Satisfactory grade by the end of the 2nd quarter will receive an incomplete for their English class grade until the paper is submitted and meets the minimum standard.

- Can I miss school to complete my logbook hours?
Yes, to a degree. Students who have not had excessive absence from school may request administrative permission for several school-related excused absences. The days must be pre-approved. A request form is available in the front office. Students may not generally take multiple days in a single week.

- Who checks my logbook?
Being a transition year with an evolving project, that depends on what grade the student is in. Seniors will show and submit logbooks to their English teachers. Juniors will show and submit logbooks to their Math teachers.

- Can I work in a group?
Yes. Students may work in groups of 2-4, providing each student completes his or her own logbook. These groups are expecting to present together, each group member being graded independently of one another. Presentation lengths vary according to group size as follows: Group of 2 = 10-24 minutes; group of 3 = 15-36 minutes; group of 4 = 20-48 minutes.